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Systems engineering

Services - Systems engineering

We offer engineering services to identify, analyze, and document requirements and to develop architectures for your product. Our clients vary widely in the level of requirements detail at the start of a project. We work with the customer as needed to refine requirements, select an optimal architecture, and identify issues that can be resolved early in the project to facilitate efficient design and development.

Assistance in specifications activity Our expertise in product development and understanding of how a device is expected to operate, the environment in which the device will be used, boosts the requirement definition phase and facilitate the requirement management during development phase and prototyping.

Architecture design Whether based on the customer initial requirements or identified by us upon concept information provided by the costumer, we research and propose possible electrical, mechanical, and software architecture options for a device that can meet the requirements in the optimum point regarding project risk, development cost, component cost, or manufacturing cost.


Hardware Development

The heart of our team expertise is analog, mixed signal and embedded electronics design, starting from a system architecture to the assembled PCB prototype passing through all the hardware design phases:

+ Schematic Capture design

+ Spice simulations

+ BOM Management

+ PCB layout:

Single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer boards
Rigid and flexible circuits
Surface mount, through-hole, mixed technology
Design for manufacturability (DFM)
Design for testability (DFT)
Design for EMC

+ Assembly and prototyping

Example of electronic design categories

+ Power supplies

+ Power conditioning

+ Battery charging

+ Microcontroller based / DSP based applications

+ FPGA based designs

+ Filters and amplifiers

+ Sensor interfaces

+ Data conversion (A/D and D/A)

+ Motor control circuits


Software design

Services - Software design

Embedded Software We develop firmware covering nearly all the available microcontroller architectures, from low end 8-bit devices to high performance multicore 32-bit devices. These small but powerful microcontrollers can serve as peripheral devices or drive an entire handheld wireless system. The 16-bit processor often fills a niche capability between the 8-bit and 32-bit devices. The 32-bit high performance processors can run Embedded operating system and natively support Ethernet interfaces, large LCD displays, touchscreen, and huge memories.

PC Software Our typical PC software design services include developing:

+ Custom manufacturing test equipment
+ Diagnostic test applications
+ Companion software for the end-user



Our testing services verify that your product meets your requirements and will perform in the environment specified. We perform the development of test plans, software unit and integration testing, system testing, and test tool development.

System testing (black box) The test engineer will create test cases based on the specifications and requirements for your product. He determines valid and invalid inputs, as well as their respective outputs, for each test case. Testing is then executed using these test cases to verify the expected functionality of the product and report and trace them OK or NOK with the requirement name.

Unitary tests (white box) In contrast to system testing white box testing will focus on each functionality of the internal structure of a system. This functionality is normally not exposed to a user. White box testing is used to test the individual software units or modules and the integration of the units within a system or sub-system.